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reater Than the Sum Total Book Two: “Seasons of Consequence

Seasons of Consequence

To begin, there must be an end.  A precipitous death in Book One necessitates the arrival of new characters and the birth of new (and exciting!) relationships that offer significant hope at a time when it isBook Cover IICOPY12345 needed the most.  Still, there are old scores to be settled and many important issues to be resolved before any lasting happiness ensues. The sad truth is that insidious forces are plotting behind the scenes to sabotage all the hard work being done to make the hospital (and the town it serves) a better, safer place.  Life may continue to go on, but certainly not in the way anyone could ever have imagined!  (Coming soon)





Blessings of a Meaningful Life

Unbelievable tragedy strikes yet again, but this time it’s not so easy to bounce back. Too much has happened to find a “silver lining” in all the surrounding heartbreak. No amount of money or influence can change what has occurred, but someone has to payBook III CoverCOPY123 the steep price, and it may not be who you think! As if our heroines haven’t suffered enough, it seems that the worst is yet to come when ungrateful friends and neighbors turn upon one another, and the past returns to haunt one of our own.  Can justice occur in time to save another life, or will history repeat itself?

The final installment of the “Greater Than the Sum Total” trilogy will keep you scratching your head and exclaiming “I didn’t see that coming!” until the very end!  (Currently in editing)

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