Greater Than The Sum Total

About the Book
“Greater Than the Sum Total” is a trilogy.  Book One is about four amazing women from four totally different socioeconomic and education backgrounds.  They never would have met if it were not for the catalyst “cancer” that threw them together at the time they needed each other the cover 7
     The trials and tribulations they endure serve to only strengthen their budding friendships, but is sorely tested when the unscrupulous and vindictive hospital administrator clandestinely re- appropriates the funds of crucial health programs and services, closing specialty units of the hospital and firing hundreds of staff to bolster the “bottom line” that affect the quality of treatment the ladies receive.  In spite of their own catastrophic health issues, the women decide to bond together and fight the administrator, not only to save each other, their beloved Oncologist, but the entire hospital and the community that it serves.”
      Book Two “Greater Than the Sum Total:  Seasons of Consequence”, and Book Three “Greater Than the Sum Total:  Blessings of a Meaningful Life” are currently in editing.
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