Tolerance and Transparency – No Excuses

Tolerance: “a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, beliefs practices, racial or ethnic origins, etc., differ from one’s own.”

Transparency: “to be so clear that objects or intentions can be seen distinctly.”

Are you as sick of “fake news” and “alternate facts” as I am?

At least twice a day I reconsider whether I want to continue Facebook, watch TV news, pick up a newspaper or read a magazine in the checkout line or doctor’s office (my blood pressure can only take so much!).  There is so much conjecture about Donald Trump being thrown about that it is difficult to know what is true and what isn’t.  Truth is very important to me. Just as it is impossible to be “almost pregnant”, facts are non-negotiable.

I left the Democratic Party (Bill Clinton’s debauchery in the Oval Office was the final straw) after thirty years of loyalty to “the party of change”. I did not vote for Barack Obama in either election because I was disillusioned and disgusted with the less than transparent Democratic Party that he represented.  I now feel bad about my lack of tolerance, but that’s the truth.  I did support President Obama in his efforts as my president when he did good things, praising him when his policies worked and calling him out when they didn’t because that’s what Americans do.

I’ve been clear (and often vocal) of my dislike of Hillary Clinton.  My position was and continues to be based on facts— what I have personally experienced working for the government and substantiated comments from people that I know well, trust and respect.  There were other candidates in the running I felt were more qualified than Clinton and Trump this election cycle, but unfortunately, minds greater than mine prevailed. The people spoke, and America voted.

I was one of those persons that was truly surprised that Trump won (knowing the lengths the Democratic party will go to get what they want).  I also felt a sense of hope. Donald Trump was not my preferred candidate, but I immediately pledged my support to the new President knowing instinctively if he succeeds, we all succeed. I still feel the same way.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the words “tolerance” and “transparency”.  There is no shortage of examples to cite for intolerance in America these days, but let me tell you about the most egregious case of intolerance and non-transparency that is happening right underneath our noses.

Most, if not all outgoing Presidents (since Woodrow Wilson in 1921) enthusiastically head for greener pastures (i.e. the lecture or author circuit) after leaving office if only to respectfully get out of the way of the incoming person. Not Obama.  President Obama has decided to stick around Washington (from which he escaped on vacation at every opportunity) just to be a nuisance to Donald Trump. What I thought was a comment made in jest on T.V., I now believe is the truth.

Obama told Jimmy Kimmel on his nationwide late-night show he was returning to Washington because his daughter Sasha was still in High School, which is truthful.  The Washington Post (Nov.8th, 2016) however, quotes President Obama as saying that he will stay in Washington because he has “plans to remain in (the) political fray.” Perhaps in this instance one explanation is the excuse for the other?

Obama may not be ready to retire from political life. What he does and where he lives is his prerogative. We do know Obama refused to get involved in his hometown of Chicago to quell the riots and quiet the discontent of thugs, emboldening them into believing that it was okay to act like criminals. He refused to speak out about the riots all over the United States after the election, even though one word from him might have soothed disappointed and angry “snowflakes” to consider the efficacy and reality of the democratic process, and perhaps to stop acting like petulant children!  Such disappointment is the way of politics when the other party wins. The truth is President Obama now has time on his hands to do whatever he wants to do. What does he want to do?

For a moment consider how great it would be if Obama had a change of heart, and unlike Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, has decided to work with President Trump to make life less “deplorable” for all citizens regardless of race, culture, religion or political affiliation?  Imagine what could be accomplished with no messy party “politics as usual” to get in the way of real change!

At a bare minimum, President Obama assured Trump (and the nation) that the transfer of power from one President to another would be as transitions afforded to all incoming Presidents, just as smooth as his exchange with President Bush.  That’s how it is done in America.  The truth is, that is not at all what Obama intended from the very beginning.

The word fray means “a protracted fight, struggle or dispute.”  No tolerance language there, folks.

Obama was once a Community Organizer, which some are now saying is a politically correct way to explain that his rhetoric “is a half-step above inciting riots”. President Obama reiterated on the news that he sent an e-mail to his supporters after the massive Democratic failure(s) in the 2016 Election, urging them to stay engaged in “the joyous work of citizenship”, adding, “I’ll be there with you every step of the way”.

At the risk of parsing Obama’s own words, why did he excoriate Trump for once threatening not to concede the election if Clinton won, when Obama himself continues to question the legitimacy of the election inferring that Trump’s presidency is a “fray”, a struggle that requires his continued involvement?

Thanks to a biased media, the only real fight President Obama engaged in during his entire presidency is his scramble to secure his legacy programs. Could it be that his ego is even bigger than President Trump’s?  Remember to look at all the facts.

You may have noticed that Obama has often been photographed with George Soros, a globalist-billionaire whose financial support helped to launch Obama’s career.  That is an undisputed fact. Soros also lobbied Obama to bring in over 100,000 refugees to The United States, per year, against public opinion—and won. (The Washington Times, 2017)

Soros unapologetically admits to financing Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency, also leading the recount efforts after the election and giving $61 million to media groups promoting Clinton’s liberal agenda. In a series of interviews, Soros boasted that “removing Pres. Bush from office was (once) the central focus of my life”, in his effort to show how his personal influence could clearly effect change in the world.  The facts are, President Bush (senior) only served four years in office.  Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election. With a “mixed review” like that, his power and influence over certain individuals, world economies and businesses hasn’t lessened.  What will Soros do now to prove that he is, indeed, in control? How far will he go?

In August 2016 George Soros claimed in an interview that “I am a God, the creator of everything” but added that he is a “self-centered God who believes normal rules do not apply” to him. (  It is a very enlightening (kinda scary) interview, and I encourage you to read it for yourself.

Soros is essentially telling journalists that their industry has a future only as long as he is willing to “open his wallet”.  Funding journalism is a powerful way to influence the American public (Media Research Center, 2017).  Soros’s influence includes mainstream American media giants such as NBC, ABC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Columbia Journalism Review, etc. —literally every consequential journalism, broadcasting and Ombudsmen group “monitoring and reporting accuracy, fairness and balance” is bought and paid for by Soros’s openly proclaimed desire to rule the world.

I can imagine any favors to Obama and Clinton (and many others) did not come “cheap”.  Perhaps Trump’s claim of a biased media is truer than we would like to believe.  You be the judge.

It has been clear to most Washington insiders that as soon as Trump begins to repeal and replace any of Obama’s legacy, the hostile left-leaning media will do whatever is necessary to discredit and undermine President Trump’s efforts and band with Soros and other liberal financial donors to “take back power”. (Politico, November 14th, 2016).  In some circles that is called treason.

As I am writing this blog, The New York Post confirmed that Obama and the feckless and former Attorney General, Eric Holder, will be “leading the charge” with 30,000 protesters hell-bent to disrupt President Trump’s ambitions, ultimately aiming for the end-goal of impeaching Trump. For his efforts, Holder will receive $25k/month for 40 hours of anti-Trump activism from the pockets of liberals in California with a nice bonus if he succeeds.

Obama, on the other hand is operating under Soros’s parent agency, “Organizing For Action”, which admits it’s desire to destroy our democratic framework (as it differs from the liberal trajectory of the past eight years).  Obama has also been regularly posting on the organization’s Twitter account to bolster continued base support. He isn’t working with the Democratic Party to make meaningful changes. He isn’t speaking out about Nancy Pelosi’s gaffs and false narratives. He isn’t taking in refugees to house and feed. He has clearly stated that he will remain “in the fray” against Trump.  How will Soros reward him for “a job well done”?

“If liberals want to win elections—and in a democracy, that must be our main goal- we have to be able to make people want to vote for us.  That means accentuating the positive, and talking about how great we are, especially compared to the alternative.” ( 

(This is Politics 101 …but without the unspoken- but implied Democratic admonition, “at any cost or acknowledgement to what the people really want.  After all, we know what’s best for them.”) I encourage all of you to go to the website above that touts Obama’s “450 Accomplishments…With Citations”. No really, it is very interesting.

I personally and sincerely believe that Obama did many good things while in office (such as LGBTQ rights, child safety rights, labeling GMO products, increased funding for Nat. Parks and Forests, etc.).  President Obama deserves the same respect and earned accolades of any outgoing president in history.  Time should be the ultimate test if a legacy succeeds or fails.

As you review the list of Obama’s accomplishments, you will find that many are the same actions and executive orders (with obvious exceptions) that Trump has tweaked to improve–and intends to enforce as promised– after only one month in office!

President Trump has been nothing BUT transparent, but apparently, that’s not good enough. He has not had the opportunity as our Commander and Chief to prove that his ideas, projected changes and long-term improvements will succeed or fail due to constant challenges to his authority from the left.

Do I like that Trump uses Twitter for every response to negative comments about him? No, of course not.  It shows a “thin skin” to respond when no response is the best reply. Did I enjoy President Trump’s news conference that lambasted the biased media?  I had no problem with him chastising the media. He was not ranting as accused.  I do believe he was, as he said, “enjoying himself”. There has never been a President that has been so outspoken, so transparent, so “un-typically presidential”, and that is what frightens me the most…for him.

To be crystal clear, I am frightened that the liberal left (and some entrenched, well-heeled but selfish Republicans) will do whatever it takes be make sure Trump is prohibited from doing what needs to be done to make “America Great Again”.  Term limits, adjusted retirement benefits, reduction of office expenses, etc. are campaign promises that received 100% support from his base but scared the bejeezus out of the critters in the government swamp!

To their delight, I imagine the Democrats have found a way to shorten the chasm that divides the parties in their shared hatred of Trump!

Barack Obama (and the puppet master, George Soros), want you to believe that you are incapable to think for yourselves, that a great wrong has been committed by the electorate. They insist it is in your best interest for THEM to provide the yardstick by which you measure President’s Trump’s presidency.  They will use whatever resources necessary to highlight Trump’s well-known government inexperience, his presidential naivete as to “how things are done” to strong-hold your opinion of the proper way to do things (and secure your vote with false promises).  They will twist Trump’s literal words (as goofy as they are at times) to mean something dark, rather than accept his honest explanation.  Sadly, they also will continue to badger you with threats of Armageddon, providing false narratives of Trump’s intentions to convince you that he is evil and that you were much better off before he came in office.

These are the real false narratives based on fake news. Ask yourselves, what is the left so frightened about?   Actions speak much louder than words.

From The New York Times (02/19/2017)

Mr. Trump did not state, per se, that a terrorist attack had taken place in Sweden.  But the context of his remarks — he mentioned Sweden right after he chastised Germany, which also took in large numbers of refugees and asylum seekers fleeing war and deprivation — clearly suggested that he thought something awful had happened.”

Was Trump lying to bolster his arguments that Muslim migrants are terrorizing the world? I can truthfully understand why it appears he did, especially for those scrutinizing every syllable of his speech to highlight his many faults and implied intentions.

The difference, though, is that thousands of people walked out of that rally in Florida feeling great about President Trump. If they noticed the gaffe at all, they chose to give him the benefit of the doubt because based on facts, terrorism has been associated with radical Muslim zealots all around the world.

Logical people know Trump will indeed screw up at times (we wish it wasn’t so often) but we truly want him to succeed.  As for the name calling, death threats, and “gotcha reporting”, all that is counter-productive to success, and suits the left’s purpose.  Trump was elected as the direct opposite of what has been in office for far too long, to prevent our destruction at the hands of greedy, out of control career politicians and their narcissistic, self-centered, liberal financial backers, which to some, is also intolerable.

However, if Obama, Soros and the liberal left media continue to control and incite the public with protests that turn into riots, telling blatant lies that become prophesy in hope of regaining power, if no one steps forward to speak the truth about what is going on…these anarchists may just succeed in doing what they intended to do, which is to change the course of America to profit and empower themselves, not serve the American people and their interests. What a sad, sad day that will be.

May God Bless President Trump, and always, God Bless America.

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