I am not trying to impress you with my wisdom and experience. Experience, perhaps, but wisdom, not likely. I just like to write stuff.

This blog isn’t a diet column, political platform or authority bashing forum. There will be no actual “preaching”, but you might hear the words “Kumbaya” and “Praise God” from time to time for which I have no intention of apologizing. For those who already know me or have read my books, I promise not to write about breastfeeding, or initiate a thread on sexual intimacy (you can call me out if I forget) or have a tantrum about how much I hate cancer. Old habits, you understand.

I am, however, unabashedly fierce about mental health topics, human right issues, women and babies, our military members and marshmallow peeps. My opinions tend to be “liberally conservative”, but I am willing to change my mind when additional facts are revealed. I will not waste your time (or mine), but I reserve the right to discuss any subject of public concern that piques my interest (and yours).  I offer the disclaimer that I “know a few things about a few things”, but I will never misrepresent myself to be an authority on any topic.

I can be strong-opinioned and satirical, but also open-minded and fair with my critiques. I don’t expect you to agree with me all the time. In fact, I want you to find the pot-holes and loop-holes in any common sense position I take on life. Feel comfortable to offer constructive criticism where warranted.  I appreciate respectful comments and respect legitimate apposing viewpoints. I still have a lot to learn.

The human race inspires me, confounds me, makes me smile and sometimes forces me to cry. Every day is another opportunity to learn from each other, and practice good common sense.

I hope you will join me.






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